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Страхование для спортсменов и путешественников
Страхование для спортсменов и путешественников
Страховка необходима на всех соревнованиях, а также на многих наших выездах и путешествиях.

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Главная » Справочники » SUP in Moscow »

SUP in Moscow

fitness, relaxing and outdoor paddle trips

SUP or Stand Up Paddle or Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a really popular activity in Moscow. It is a good outdoor fitness and relaxing after the working day. For the warm season (April - October) it as at the open water (Strogino, Krylatskoye, Moscow river). While the cold season (November - March) – in a swimming pool.

We offer SUP-lessons, SUP safari along the Moscow river at it most attractive places - Storgino and Krylatskoye area.

Please mention - to do any kind of SUP activity you have to able to swim without the life vest.
We also give all the nesessary equipment for ren (SUP-board, paddle, life vest).

If you are interested in SUP lessons or safari on SUP or any other SUP activity please don't hesitate to contact with us via e-mail:info@royalsup.ru or phone +7-925-879-43-81

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